The 75th Annual Putnam Games

This past weekend I participated in the 75th annual Putnam exam. I really enjoyed this year's problem set and I thought the problems were challenging yet approachable. I submitted 5 problems worthy of submission, but I am not sure if some of my proofs are rigorous enough for full credit.  I've uploaded the problem set here and my solutions here. I was a little disappointed to not see any "2014" problem this year. In the past, the problem setters have always included a problem that directly relates to the current year, but they didn't do that this year. There was an interesting game theory problem that made reference to the hunger games movie which was pretty fitting because in the second hunger games movie that just game out, Katniss and Peeta participate in the quarter quell (the 75th hunger games), and this was the 75th annual Putnam exam. While I did not have enough knowledge of fields to answer this question, I enjoyed the witty humor of the problem setters.


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